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Neck and Shoulder Style

[span2]The Neck & Shoulder style rigid paper box presents as a box flat on all 6 sides. The base & lid fit over the "neck" tray.  The neck tray is glued into the base. The lid slides down over the neck tray & rests on the "shoulder" of the base. Pictured is a four votive candle box...
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Two Piece Telescoping

shoe box

[span4]The Original Box The two piece set up box is the basic box style.  A base, sized to hold your product, and the lid that fits over the base to close. The lid can be partially or fully telescoping.  A full telescoping lid would fully...
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Cigar Style Boxes

[span2]The Cigar style box is a "Hinged" box with a flat lid. The flat lid is hinged to the base tray with an exterior paper hinge & an interior paper label.  The lid can be made to sit flush on the top of the bases four side panels, or the end panels of the base can...
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Custom Printed Boxes

[span2]Graphics!! Texture!! Feel!! Offset printing, Letter Press, Hot Stamping, Embossing, Soft Touch Film Lamination, Ultra Violet Gloss Coating... All these processes and more are available to create the rigid box that will produce the perfect consumer interface experience with your product.  [/span2]...
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