Our Process

second page photo 2-finalPacific Paper Box is a manufacturer of rigid paper boxes, what is often referred to as 'The Original Box'. The package itself has been being made for a century or two. The machinery used to assist in the manufacture has functioned under the same principals for nearly 100 years.

The basic material of the rigid paper box is cardboard, or chip board. The vast majority of 'chip board' is made from 100% re-cycled materials. Board thickness can range in caliper from .028 to .120 inches. The choice of appropriate caliper is dependent on the package function. The heavier the product to be packaged the thicker the paper board should be. Board can also vary in color. Common colors are White, Black & Plain Chip (gray to brown or tan).

The dimensions of the box are customarily listed 'Length x Width x Depth'. Cardboard sheets are scored (cut half way through), to describe a rectangular base with panels of equal height on each side of the central rectangle. The corners are cut away allowing the sides to fold and meet, tape is applied to the edges. This forms the skeleton of the box.

The box can function as a package at this stage, however, the raw chip board and the tape securing the corners are exposed. To make the package visually more pleasing, decorative papers can be laminated to the exterior of the skeleton frame.

two piece candle-final

Paper choices are plentiful. You may choose from a wide array of colors, textures & finishes. Pacific Paper Box Co. carries a wide range of papers, and there is a seemingly unlimited variety available through mill order.

To further personalize your package, we offer several different methods of printing. You may choose to Hot Stamp (foil transfer), Blind Emboss or Letter Press Print your logo on the paper you have chosen. We also offer offset printing on litho label paper for those wanting to imprint full color graphics on their package.  Pacific Paper Box Company also has the following processes available to further customize your package.

Die cutting
Punch Pressing
Vinyl Lid Manufacturing
Flat Laminating
Game Board Lamination