Our Story

Pacific Paper Box Company was founded in 1938 in a tiny building on Broadway Place in the heart of Los Angeles, California.

Walter Taylor, the company’s first owner & president, ran the box shop on his own for several years, literally strapping boxes to the back of his bicycle every afternoon in order to hand deliver them to his customers.

Bud Erhart

Bud Erhardt (at right) and Walter Taylor (second from left)

From those humble beginnings, the company grew. When Walter decided he could no longer do it alone, he reached out to his neighbor, Bud Erhardt, and eventually convinced him to come head up sales. It was the beginning of a very long and prosperous relationship. As the company expanded, the business continued to move into bigger and bigger spaces, eventually requiring a warehouse. In 1969, Pacific Paper Box moved into its current location at 4916 Cecilia St., just east of downtown. In 1975, with Walter’s retirement, Bud took over as president.

For a time, Bud shared ownership with Walter’s children. But he began to see that they didn’t have a real interest in growing the business, so in 1981 he took the biggest risk of his professional life and went into debt to buy a majority share in Pacific Paper Box. He then went looking for someone to run it with him. After a few months, he hadn’t found anyone who could live up to his high standards. At dinner with his family one night, Bud’s wife suggested that he might let his son-in-law Craig fill in at the company for the summer. Bud liked the idea, and Craig took the job, assuming that he would go back to his job as a teacher that fall. Thirty-three years later, Craig Harrison is still working that summer job, and when Bud retired in 2013, Craig took over as the third president in Pacific Paper Box’s distinguished seventy-six year history.

Today, Pacific Paper Box continues to serve the southwestern United States. And Craig and his dedicated team continue to honor the pledge that Walter Taylor made to his customers so long ago: to supply them with quality rigid boxes, on time and on budget. Though we no longer hop on our bicycles at the end of the day, it’s still our customers’ satisfaction that is our paramount goal.