Who We Are

At PPB, we think of ourselves as family

craigCraig Harrison

Craig started working at Pacific Paper Box Company in the summer of 1979 while on break from his job as a middle school teacher. That summer he was paid five dollars an hour to move pallets of boxes and clean the factory floors. Little did he know that summer job would turn into a long and satisfying career as a manufacturer of rigid paper boxes. Craig learned the business from the ground up. Purchasing, materials preparation & production planning, quality assurance, product design - these were all stops along the way. In 2013, Craig became the third president in Pacific Paper Box’s seventy six year history. He’s proud to helm the company that he’s spent the last thirty six years helping to build.



Tammy O’Brien
Head of Product Development, Sales & Customer Service

Tammy has worked for Pacific Paper Box Company for seventeen years and in the packaging industry for more than twenty. She works closely with companies to create packages that will protect their product and display it in a way that uniquely reflects their brand. And that means dedicating the time and energy necessary to get it right. But for her that’s easy, because Pacific Paper Box is more like a family than a job, and she strives to make her customers feel like a part of that family.


Phil Swinford
Phil Swinford
Operations & Supervisor of Production

With 45 years of experience in the set up box industry, Phil is uniquely qualified to solve production issues. He’s worked in materials preparation, machine setup, machine maintenance & product flow planning, and has been trained in welding, metallurgy, machining & grinding. And it’s this comprehensive hands-on experience in the industry that allows him to keep Pacific Paper Box running at the highest level of flexibility & productivity.